What is the Seattle Square?
The Seattle Square is an outdoor Market featuring a carefully curated selection of locally designed and manufactured apparel, accessories, crafts, and housewares. Additionally, the market will feature an affordable selection of quality vintage clothing and furniture, as well as a selection of Seattle’s premier mobile food vendors. All of this will be set to music, Thursday evenings through the end of September.

How did the market start?
If you want to read more about the organizers of the market and how it got started, check out the About Us section on the Contact page.

Where is the Seattle Square?
Occidental Square Park, in the heart of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square.

When does this happen?
The Seattle Square runs during the summer and just wrapped up for 2011.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

What if it rains?
In Seattle? You know the drill: sport your hottest gortex, we will be here rain or shine!

Where do I park?
At home–take the bus/light rail/sounder–they all bring you to the Square! Seriously, if you are concerned that you will not be able to carry all of your purchases home, there are plenty of parking lots in the neighborhood and we are working with Merrill Place Garage (76 S King St), who provides FREE PARKING to anyone individual that is participating in or shopping at the market.

I am an awesome person, and take transit. Which lines come to the market?
You are in luck, almost all of Seattle’s bus lines bring you to the market.

What will be sold?
Locally designed and handmade housewares, clothing, jewelry, and accessories; vintage furniture, clothing, jewelry, and bric-à-brac; awesome mobile food from all of your favorites–plus some newbies!

Is the Seattle Square a Farmers’ Market?
Although we didn’t include farmer’s market fruit/vegetables/flowers last year — we will be including a few booths this year!

Will there be food?
Yes indeed. Pioneer Square has long been known for it’s delicious food. It even recently earned the handle Seattle’s Sandwich District. Each Thursday will feature two to three mobile food vendors along the lines of what one would expect to find at the increasingly popular Mobile Chowdown. To top it off, the local bars are coming together to sponsor a rocking happy hour deal for market goers each Thursday. You can follow our twitter updates (link) to find out the latest scoop on all of the above and learn who will be grilling up the awesome bites each Thursday.

We are also listing a schedule of food vendors on our vendor info page here.

Will there be enforcement of illegal food vending?
We take health regulations very seriously and are working closely with the King County Department of Health to ensure that all of our vendors are properly permitted and insured. For the most part, all of our mobile food vendors are veterans to the business and currently vend all over the city.

Who will manage the garbage generated by the events?
Keeping our streets clean is an integral part of our effort to alter the outdated negative perceptions about Pioneer Square. This is why we are partnering with CleanScapes, who has agreed to sponsor our event and provide receptacles for food waste, recycling, and garbage.

How does the Seattle Square interface with the sports games?
There are only a few games during the market throughout the summer. This was the case last year, and it helps provide for a fun atmosphere, and increased traffic through the market.

Can I bring my family?
Please do, this market has something for everyone.