Clone Press: Imaginative, intricately hand-printed apparel & household goodies

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What is Clone Press?

We are a local screenprinting shop based in Sodo with 10 years of experience. Our market offerings include hand-printed t-shirts for men, women, kids and dogs and small treats for the home such as pillows, napkins, aprons and greeting card sets, all featuring original Clone Press designs.

Who is Clone Press?

When we began a decade ago, I [Brian] was working as a motion picture camera tech and Brandon had been printing for 12 or so years in northern California, the Bay area, and Seattle. We decided it was time for a change and wanted to get our own thing going so, with a microscopic budget, we purchased some equipment and off we went. We both enjoy music (Brandon has been in several bands over the years including Couch of Eureka, The Cops, I’m A Gun, and the Fatigues among others) so our first goal was to create a shop that could cater to musicians and folks with limited budgets by offering low minimums and low prices. It wasn’t ever about the money (although paying rent and eating food is helpful) but more about the medium. We’re both just fans of old school screen printing. We’re both very visually oriented people and I think we just enjoy looking at and making interesting looking things.

Your inspiration often comes from unusual beings like sea monsters, dinosaurs, zombies and underplayed creatures from the animal kingdom, like the tarzier (above). Can you tell us a little more about what motivates your designs?

Our designs are inspired by things we like. We draw on a lot of different things for inspiration including but not limited to  - films (sci-fi, b-movie, horror, avant, experimental, etc.) strange creatures (and some not so strange), old movie posters, things we see while traveling, old books, old magazines, comics, and general oddities. We both grew up with a bent toward all things nerdy so I guess our aesthetic kind of reflects that a bit too.

We draw our designs by hand and find the perfect object to put them on – whether a pillow, baby onesie or greeting card – and print using a manual press, non-toxic inks and organic cotton, whenever possible. Our clothing designs come on garments from American Apparel and Alternative Apparel, to insure the best fit, style and quality.

What’s in the future for Clone Press?

Our bread and butter comes from printing for all of the great customers we’ve been working with for years but, at the urging of friends and fans of our work, we’ve been making more of our own stuff. We’re re-working our webstore now and hope it will be fully functional in the next couple of weeks. We also plan on opening a physical retail store in the front of our current production space in SODO soon. We’re hoping to have some printed paper products (greeting cards etc.) in the mix soon as well as more household goodies like the pillows, napkins, and coasters we currently make. We’re also working on our old letterpress which will allow us to add an extra dimension to our projects.

Visit Clone Press at their booth at Seattle Square and at

Sneak peek at some of our amazing vendors

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We are really excited for opening day today, and want to feature some of the vendors that you will be able to see at the market today:

Ania Designs

Choke Shirt Company

Clone Press

Drunken Sailor Vintage


Green Hill


Intrigue Chocolates

Orange Twist

practical creativity

Stasia Burrington Illustration



And don’t forget to check out our food vendors today:

Bob’s Hot Mini Donuts

Fusion on the Run

The Bistro Box

And… we’re back!

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Hello Seattle Squares!

We hope you all have had great winters and are ready to start thinking about sunny summer afternoons in Pioneer Square! We have a couple of announcements and updates we wanted to share with you as you begin to plan for your summers.

First off, the Seattle Square is thrilled to return to Pioneer Square this summer! This is largely thanks to all of the wonderful collaboration and great participation we had last year. The second biggest news is that we will be launching the market on July 14th, which is a Thursday. That’s right, this summer, the Seattle Square will be on Thursday afternoons/evenings!

The weekly market will be held on the second, third, and fourth Thursdays of the month–so basically every Thursday but First Thursday. On First Thursdays, Pioneer Square will continue to host the Art Walk–so we will all get a breather for one week a month.

The set up will be the same, with food trucks and vendors set up in the park and Occidental Plaza. Keep an eye out for our announcements, as we are working on some exciting new collaborations and cross promotions for this year. We are thrilled to tap into the after work traffic from the concentration of over 200,000 employees be leaving work only steps from the Square every Thursday.

As we head into planning for the summer, we are very interested in hearing from you with any feedback that you have on how we could make the market even better and more successful for you.

Registration for vendors has been open for a few weeks and we’ve had a great response so far! Make sure to get your applications in by Sunday, May 15th to be considered for this summer.

Excited to see you all soon!
Stephanie, Don and Jen


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Lolabags’ owner Ana has been sewing since she was a little girl. She was looking for a creative outlet when the idea for a shop on Etsy came to her in a dream (not kidding!). She named it “Lolabags” after her cat Lola.

These bags are not only creative and great designs, but they’re also spacious and can double as a diaper bag, or travel bag.



Here’s some more info from Ana:

I grew up in a very crafty home. My mother taught me how to sew, My Dad taught me how to refinish furniture, My uncle taught me how to make jewelry, Batik and tie-dye, My Grandma taught me how to macramé and make Christmas ornaments. Crafting is in my blood!

I’ve always been a DIY person. My Birthday is coming up and I’m really wishing for a circular saw (oh the things I could make)!

I started Lolabags ( in 2008. My Husband and I had just moved from New York to California and there was a lot of transition going on in our lives. The shop gave me an outlet and something to do while I looked for work. I love fabric shopping and the prints just inspire me. I named it after my black cat, Lola.

I set up shop in the kitchen of my 583 square foot apartment. On that kitchen table I would iron, cut, pin, sew, photograph, list and package everything I made. We recently moved to Seattle and now I have my own office…a whole room!! I’ve been having fun making it a total “me” space and I don’t have to worry about cleaning it up in time for dinner. I can just shut my door and no one can see the mess of it all. Normally my office looks like a fabric bomb went off in it.

In the past year I’ve been able to expand the shop. Seattle has some really awesome thrift stores and I’ve had some great finds. So now the shop has a Vintage section for the things I find. I’ve been able to explore other creative interests as well. I’ve always been an amateur photographer and have just started listing some of my photos in the shop. They’ve been well received and the feedback has been encouraging.

Lunaversoul: Jewelry that is funky,eclectic & soulful with a touch of ethnic flair

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Lunaversoul specializes in unique handcrafted jewelry that is funky, eclectic and soulful with a touch of ethnic flair.

Each piece is made by artist “CJ” Camisha Jackson and is guaranteed to turn heads while adding that little extra spice to your favorite outfit.

Because all personalities are unique, it’s only natural that each person would want a piece of jewelry that allows them to express their individuality and compliments the style they want to achieve.


Etsy Store:

sinkorswim designs ::: jewelry :: knits :: prints :::

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Lori, the owner/founder of sinkorswim designs, focuses on organic shapes and clean, minimal designs. Each piece is completely designed and handcrafted by her in her studio in Seattle. For her jewelry, she solders, rivets, forms and hammers to create a small work of art, even down to the clasps and ear wires, which are always handmade and designed to fit the look of each individual piece.

Her knits are designed and knitted from her own designs and patterns.  She creates fun, fitted looks using rich, vibrant colors.


Nancy Walker Design: Beautiful handcrafted fused dichroic glass jewelry

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Nancy has been an artist all her life, in different mediums. Then Dichroic glass captivated her, and now she’s working on something she loves, creating beautiful jewelry that is as individual as you are.


B(earth): organic baby clothes

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B(earth)’s Mission: To provide clothing for your child that is equally hip, comfortable, functional, and most importantly – as safe for your baby as it is for the environment.

B(earth) is made up of three eco-conscious friends who hope to reduce their impact on the planet – starting at birth – by making eco-thoughtful clothing and accessories for their children and the children of their friends.

They are based in Seattle, WA, and use only 100% organic, sweatshop-free cotton in their products. Even our labels are made from 100% organic cotton.

In addition, they use water-based inks on our printed products, instead of the traditional chemical-based inks. They also strive to work with local designers and printing and embroidery shops whenever possible to help strengthen our local communities.

And they don’t stop there. They use recycled paper and soy-based inks in all of our packaging and printed materials whenever possible.

They are very proud of what they do and believe that all of these things are simple first steps in their part to leave the planet to their children in a better condition than in which they found it. They hope that you’ll agree.


Snipe Habitat: Saving animals one t-shirt at a time

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Chad is the awesome creator of “Snipe Habitat.” He has a BS in Zoology and a minor in Animal Psychology from the University of Everett. He also currently works in the ER at Seattle Vet Specialists, and has previously worked at the Woodland Park Zoo.

What does that have to do with t-shirts, you ask?

Chad wanted to get younger people interested in endangered species, so he created a website where they (and others) could learn more about endangered species. This website also sells t-shirts, where 5% of all profits go to groups and societies who are dedicated to saving endangered species.

Their shirts are super sustainable — they originally get their shirts from Playback clothing in NY, which is all recycled, either cotton from other clothing, or polyester from water bottles.

Two of my favorite features of the shirts are the three loops of recycled thread at the bottom of every shirt, and the creative names on the tag, which tell you what recycled material it’s made out of.



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Eklectopia represents the art of Elizabeth Knopf and her partner Bryce Kelly. They are part of an artist’s collective that live and work on boats on the Duwamish river in South Park. They are inspired and influenced by the contrast and collage of our industrial/urban/natural/multicultural neighborhood.They currently sell their art at the Fremont Sunday market, as well in local stores and on etsy.

At our Saturday Market, Eklectopia sells jewelry made from aluminum cans, and nautical themed hand-engraved pint glasses. Here is their process:

Aluminum cans are cut open and the chosen sections are shaped and sanded. Pieces are attached with jump rings and brads to make earrings and pins.

Pint glasses are engraved using a glass dremmel tool, and tracing or freehanding the image on to the outside surface.