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Introducing our new Scavenger Hunt mascot
August 5, 2011  |  Contest

The warriors of ancient Hawaii often waged war against rival tribes, carrying cannons and firearms and various weapons made from the native Hawaiian koa tree to bludgeon other warriors with. Our Hawaiian warrior, however, is much too cute for that. I imagine he’s more into hanging out at the beach or lounging about in a velvet robe. Or, more likely, we can catch him hanging out weekly at the Seattle Square market, where he’ll mob with various vintage effects and pop up randomly to surprise Seattle Square patrons with prizes!

For the rest of the summer, Seattle Square is offering a scavenger hunt at every market featuring the Hawaiian warrior. The rules: Find the Hawaiian warrior while sifting through the outdoor market for everything from locally designed clothing, to handmade housewares and accessories, to mid-century furniture. This week if you happen to find the little warrior helmet with a mohawk of feathers hanging out at one of the vendor booths at the Square, turn it into one of the Seattle Square organizers right away for a $20 gift certificate to Pioneer Square’s premier deli, Delicatus. At Delicatus you can get artisan-quality sandwiches made from local Northwest ingredients. Our little mascot is promising big already!

Keep an eye out for the Hawaiian warrior at the next Seattle Square! In the meantime, we’re having some trouble naming the new Seattle Square Scavenger Hunt mascot. Should it be something like Tony? Laid back and a distant cousin of The Situation? Or something like Ikaika, an ancient Hawaiian name for “masculine”, “strength”, and “Hawaiian warrior helmet”? Please nominate a name in the comments – we’ll be putting the final vote to the people of Seattle on Facebook next week!


  1. I nominate Tony! ;)

  2. Cannibal o.o

  3. I vote: Ruth Keʻelikōlani Keanolani Kanāhoahoa or Ruth for short.

  4. bushybushy

  5. How is it that two of my favorite popele are friends and many states away!? Julie, and Psalm, you guys both look outstanding! Nice work on both of your sides. I saw your pics, Julie, on Psalm’s website and I was stunned too I hope you are well and I hope I can see you soon!t.

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