Food trucks at the market!
August 3, 2011  |  Food

We here at Seattle Square are ecstatic over the recent passage of street-food-friendly regulations in Seattle. That’s why we try to corral a few of those mobile food trucks to every Seattle Square market. What better way to treasure hunt than to munch on delicious, delicious food at the same time? Here are some of the great food trucks we’ve featured at the market:

Charlie’s Buns ‘N Stuff

See exhibit one: “The Philly”. Eye round beef steak marinated in white wine and garlic. Finished off with mushrooms on a fresh Italian roll. Culinary works from Charlie’s Buns ‘N Stuff is American diner fare at its most mouthwatering! According to Charlie’s website, the food truck’s namesake is from an impressive little Yorkie who helped his owners out during a difficult time and inspired them to create great street food!

Tacos El Campesino

You can’t miss this taco truck – visually… or edibly! Normally nestled between the buildings of Belltown, Tacos El Campesino has been at Seattle Square, serving up tasty tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and even sides of grilled cheese sandwiches and cup o’ noodles. If the flaming jalapeno on the side of the truck is any indication, spicy food lovers are in luck when Tacos El Campesino is at the market!

The Bistro Box

The Bistro Box brought merely a booth and a panini grill to the Seattle Square market, but street food is street food even without a truck! This caprese sandwich (which, I can honestly say is one of the best caprese sandwiches I’ve had in recent memory) amazes the senses with olives interspersed between its pesto-laden pane Francese buns. This classy food stand serves up various kobe beef sliders and spreads too.

With that I will leave you tantalized until the next Seattle Square market (which will be on August 11). But I, for one, am hungry! If you can’t wait until these great food trucks gather again at the Seattle Square, check out for where you can hunt them down!



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