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Clone Press: Imaginative, intricately hand-printed apparel & household goodies
August 10, 2011  |  Vendor

What is Clone Press?

We are a local screenprinting shop based in Sodo with 10 years of experience. Our market offerings include hand-printed t-shirts for men, women, kids and dogs and small treats for the home such as pillows, napkins, aprons and greeting card sets, all featuring original Clone Press designs.

Who is Clone Press?

When we began a decade ago, I [Brian] was working as a motion picture camera tech and Brandon had been printing for 12 or so years in northern California, the Bay area, and Seattle. We decided it was time for a change and wanted to get our own thing going so, with a microscopic budget, we purchased some equipment and off we went. We both enjoy music (Brandon has been in several bands over the years including Couch of Eureka, The Cops, I’m A Gun, and the Fatigues among others) so our first goal was to create a shop that could cater to musicians and folks with limited budgets by offering low minimums and low prices. It wasn’t ever about the money (although paying rent and eating food is helpful) but more about the medium. We’re both just fans of old school screen printing. We’re both very visually oriented people and I think we just enjoy looking at and making interesting looking things.

Your inspiration often comes from unusual beings like sea monsters, dinosaurs, zombies and underplayed creatures from the animal kingdom, like the tarzier (above). Can you tell us a little more about what motivates your designs?

Our designs are inspired by things we like. We draw on a lot of different things for inspiration including but not limited to  - films (sci-fi, b-movie, horror, avant, experimental, etc.) strange creatures (and some not so strange), old movie posters, things we see while traveling, old books, old magazines, comics, and general oddities. We both grew up with a bent toward all things nerdy so I guess our aesthetic kind of reflects that a bit too.

We draw our designs by hand and find the perfect object to put them on – whether a pillow, baby onesie or greeting card – and print using a manual press, non-toxic inks and organic cotton, whenever possible. Our clothing designs come on garments from American Apparel and Alternative Apparel, to insure the best fit, style and quality.

What’s in the future for Clone Press?

Our bread and butter comes from printing for all of the great customers we’ve been working with for years but, at the urging of friends and fans of our work, we’ve been making more of our own stuff. We’re re-working our webstore now and hope it will be fully functional in the next couple of weeks. We also plan on opening a physical retail store in the front of our current production space in SODO soon. We’re hoping to have some printed paper products (greeting cards etc.) in the mix soon as well as more household goodies like the pillows, napkins, and coasters we currently make. We’re also working on our old letterpress which will allow us to add an extra dimension to our projects.

Visit Clone Press at their booth at Seattle Square and at

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