KAV Designs: Handformed Contemporary Jewelry
August 31, 2010  |  Vendor

How did KAV Designs start?
I think the seeds for KAV designs actually started when I was very young. I have always loved making things. My mom has always been so amazing about teaching me to make things and about letting me work on different projects while ignoring the mess some of the crazy projects I came up with may have caused. (I hope that I have made it up to her, by making her my primary earring tester now!)

My actual business KAV designs started after I got very interested in making jewelry. I took a class on how to manipulate and hammer wire to create earwires and findings and I was completely hooked. I love all types of crafting, but there is something about bending/forming wire and hammering on a metal block that is unbeatable to me.

What type of things do you make?
I make contemporary jewelry primarily in glass, stone, and sterling silver. Most of my earring designs are on continuous handformed sterling silver earwires. I enjoy creating new three dimensional forms.

What is your inspiration?
I think that a lot of my pieces are inspired by Architecture. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in Architecture and think that my education definitely informs a lot of my designs. For me I think there is definitely a “form follows function” philosophy and I enjoy creating pieces that are functional and can be worn everyday.

My pieces are usually very simple and typically feature one bead or several smaller asymmetrical beads in a cluster as the focal point. I think that silver, glass, and stone are all very beautiful materials and I try to create designs that showcase the unique qualities of each material.

Where can we find your stuff (other than at our market)?
The FriendShop at Seattle Central Public Library (located off the 5th Avenue entrance) The FriendShop is a really great shop and the staff/volunteers that run it are amazing. One of the greatest things about their store is that the proceeds from the shop benefit the Friends of the Seattle Public Library!!

The Base Camp in Billings, Montana and Helena, Montana–I am so honored to have my pieces at The Base Camp, it is one of my favorite stores in my hometown of Billings, Montana.

Online at: www.kavdesigns.com —- A lot of my pieces are one of a kind pieces so the design inventory changes regularly. I love doing custom orders too!

What are your social media properties and where can we find them?
Blog— www.kavdesigns.blogspot.com
Twitter— @KAVdesigns

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  1. Lovely, are you still in business ?

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